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stuck at work... [Nov. 15th, 2010|04:24 pm]
Turtle Freak
I don't want to be at work right know. my parents are at my house. dad is improving my kitchen- it's all hand me down or budget type materials, but it'll be a huge step up from what I had. so, I'm stuck at work while they're working at my house and I'm feeling really guilty about it.

I need to get through today, and then I have 6 whole days off from community. which is good. I need a break. 80-90 hour weeks have pushed me to the point of almost quitting this job last week. I still have to work a hockey game on Wednesday, but that's easy money.

mom and dad are here through Sunday. aunt deb is coming in Thurs through the weekend. then Jamie, Kevin and Anna come in next Monday for a week. I'm excited. I've been in a funk and really need family time.
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Detroit Marathon [Oct. 18th, 2010|11:44 am]
Turtle Freak
I worked the Detroit free press Marathon yesterday.

I had a cpr save.

I've had saves in the past, but this one was special for me. in commerce, on my normal shift, we usually have at least 4-5 people on scene, if not more, so there's always a ton of hands to help. plus, I always have a paramedic partner, so I could intubate while my partner gets the iv or visa versa. yesterday, I worked with a basic emt, and other than bystanders who seemed to be medically trained, helping with cpr, I was doing everything by myself.

I just found out that she has been extubated, is talking, and other than being lethargic, is fairly alert. so, it appears that this 51yo female, with 4 teenage children, will completely recover.

I'm pretty proud of myself today.
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mobile app [Oct. 4th, 2010|03:12 am]
Turtle Freak
so now I have a mobile app on my phone for updating. this will definitely keep me updating regularly. whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know.
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I'm on vacation... [Jul. 19th, 2009|06:36 pm]
Turtle Freak
[Current Location |United States, Michigan, Jackson]
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Tigger yelling at me]

...and I have absolutely nothing to do.

And it's killing me.

I feel like a loser not having someone to just pick up and do stuff with.

There's other stuff contrubuting to my mood, and I'm trying to get over all that, but I'm in a crap mood right now. I need to do something, but I can't figure out what to do, where to go, or who to do it with, so I'm thinking about getting drunk and playing video games.


I clicked on Detect Location just to see what it does and it says I'm in Jackson. Weird. I'm at home.
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Howdy ya'll [Jun. 23rd, 2009|05:03 pm]
Turtle Freak
[mood |contentcontent]

So I have updated in A LONG TIME...

I'm still working a bunch, although, now that it's summer, I'm only working my scheduled 60 hours most week, and working on my tan the rest of the week. Thursdays I babysit Gage (Gage is my best friend Katrina's son. He just turned 4 today actually.) I have a blast hanging with little man- he's a handful but wonderful. It gives me my baby fix for the week so I don't have to have my own yet lol Oh yeah, and my sister is pregnant! She's due Sept 15 and it's a girl! So I'm going to have my first neice to spoil! The whole family is really excited. We're having the shower up here July 15. Jamie's friends are also throwing her a shower down in FL the week after.

I've also moved on from dating the firefighters and am in love :-) I broke up with Tony in April, and upon hearing this news, Katrina's brother-in-law Adam admitted to me that he's been in love with me for 4 years. Adam and I went out once a couple years ago, and I thought he was a really nice guy, but I was seeing someone else so didn't pursue it. Anyway, we're only been seeing each other a couple months now, but things are great. We talk about the future and we're actually house hunting. And by that I mean, I'm going to buy a house, and he might live there with me while we figure out where the relationship is going. But it's going to be my house, his name isn't going to be on it yet.

Let's see, other stuff- I have had a roommate since Sept-ish, and I can't stand him anymore. He seems to think I'm his maid, and I basically have to beat the rent money out of him. So I'm about to tell him to move out. What I would really enjoy is to buy the house and tell him, "I'm leaving in 30 days. Find a place to live." I've been selling stuff on eBay which is kinda exciting. Tigger is still going strong. He goes to work with me at least once a week now. He seems to have periods where he misses his brother (Well, I do too, so I understand) but he beats up any other animal he gets around, so I don't think he wants another adopted sibling. I bought a 15 game Tiger package so I've been going to a few games.

That's really about it right now. I have a wedding reception to go to tonight so I'm going to start getting ready.

I hope everyone else is doing well!
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Work and more work [Nov. 25th, 2008|11:22 pm]
Turtle Freak
I've been working.

I went down to TN for a long weekend last weekend to see my parents' new house. I am very strongly feeling myself being pulled towards TN, specicially Nashville. I love it down there. But I don't feel like I'm done here yet... so I'm torn, and obviously won't commit to one thing or the other until I know for sure. Of course, I'll probably never get a completely obvious sign. Regardless, now I have my TN Paramedic license, so I will be able to get a job, and probably pretty easily, if I decide to go.

So the next few weeks will consist of a whole lot more work to prepare for my cruise over Christmas.

I'm boring.
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Election day [Nov. 4th, 2008|10:34 am]
Turtle Freak
I'm irritated today. I was going to go vote, but now I'm not going to bother.

Now, I don't want to get into a debate about politics. I was going to vote for McCain, but there doesn't seem to be a point now. Obama is clearly going to win and that bothers me. Not because he's not a good candidate, because he is. There are just so many people who are voting for Obama who HAVE NO FRICKING CLUE WHY!!!! And I'm not talking about the race issue, but we all know that's a HUGE influence with a lot of voters this year.

I had the displeasure of working a Jay-Z concert which was a free concert/Obama rally in the city for people who came to register to vote. My partner, being the major smartass that he is, began polling people at that concert. He asked one group of 3, "So Obama's your man?" They said yes. He proceeded to ask them, "So you think Palin was a good choice as running mate?" They all agreed she was. Then he asked if they all supported his pro-life views. They all said they did. He had a couple more questions for a few more people, and I finally walked away. WTF?! You get a say in this election and you have NO EFFIN clue who he's even running with? What ANY OF HIS VIEWS are?

I'm not into politics really, but at least I took the time to figure out why I was going to vote for McCain and which issues were most important to me. If you think you deserve the right to vote, maybe you should have to prove that you have an effin clue before we allow you to do so.
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Haven't been around much [Sep. 20th, 2008|02:42 pm]
Turtle Freak
I haven't had access to internet as easily as I used to....

ok, I'm tired, and my stomach is growling. I posted a blog on mySpace... go read that if you wish! lol
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Attn: Rachel [Jul. 28th, 2008|11:02 pm]
Turtle Freak
My entire family is going to Chicago on Wednesday for a long weekend. I originally wasn't going to go, but after Grandma called me and told me how much she missed me, and how much she wished I was coming in, I decided family first. So, I'm bringing Mom to the airport, and then continuing on across 94. So, Rachel, I'll be in the area from Wednesday through Sunday, and I'm driving myself in, so I'll have a car to get around. So maybe I can come see your apartment and da kitties. Let me know what days you might be free!

Other than that, I don't really have anything to report.

I'm in such a great place right now! I'm falling in love. I'm enjoying the summer. I am essentially debt-free. I've been catching up on movies, working as little as possible and being happy.
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Busy week last week....sleepy [Jun. 22nd, 2008|12:47 am]
Turtle Freak
Last week was a pretty long week, but now I'm back to the grind...kind of. I'm still taking a break from Novi so I still have the next two Monday's off, but a month of reduced hours is starting to get to me. I may have to actually deposit my stimulus check to cover some bills. Blah.

Things with Tony and I are going really well and I'm happy. It's a great feeling.

Last weekend we went up to Tawas for a wedding. We camped at the state campground which was a lot of fun. I haven't camped in a long time, so it was really cool. We liked it so much, we're planning another, slightly longer trip next month with his neice and nephew, maybe his sister if we can talk her into it. The wedding was cool too. It was a guy that used to be on the department with Tony. He had stopped running right before I got my medic, so I didn't know him, but it was cool. Two other members plus a former member (your cousin, Falcon) were up there too, and it was a good time. Lots of beer was had by all.

Unfortunately, when I got home on Sunday, I had to repack to leave for Pennsylvania the next morning (at 5AM) for my aunt's funeral. Aunt Maxine was diagnosed with lung cancer just about a year ago, so it wasn't completely unexpected, but we all thought she would have more time. She had found out Monday that the cancer had spread to her abdoman (you know me, being a medical person, I'd like more specific details, but it wasn't really appropriate to question my uncle and cousins about the specifics). She had chemo on Tuesday and died Thursday night. It was kind of a blessing in disguise I guess- she should have been with us longer, but at least she didn't have to deal with the pain of cancer throughout her body.

So, we were in PA for two and a half days. I hadn't seen my entire family, cousins and everything, since my sister's wedding almost 5 years ago, so it was nice to see everyone, even if it was for a sad occassion. Then on the way home, we went through Punxutawney and visited the old farm. It was fun reminiscing and seeing the town and farm again.

Now I'm just chilling, about to go to bed early on a Saturday night off. I had planned to spend an evening with Tony since I was gone all week, but he got an opportunity for OT, and since one OT shift for him is about what I make in a week, he knows I'll never be mad about him working instead. We work so few days a month (him 9, me 12...really. That's all I'm scheduled to work, but I always pick up so many shifts, it seems like I'm always working. I don't have to be though!) we can always reschedule a date night. Plus, he works alone, so I'm always able to hang with him at work. Of course, if anyone asks, we were just having a quick dinner together, and I was leaving....not hanging out for 5 hours.

Anyway, I don't have anything else to ramble about. I'm posting new pics in my mySpace from the wedding and PA, and then I'm heading to bed.
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