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Howdy ya'll [Jun. 23rd, 2009|05:03 pm]
Turtle Freak
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So I have updated in A LONG TIME...

I'm still working a bunch, although, now that it's summer, I'm only working my scheduled 60 hours most week, and working on my tan the rest of the week. Thursdays I babysit Gage (Gage is my best friend Katrina's son. He just turned 4 today actually.) I have a blast hanging with little man- he's a handful but wonderful. It gives me my baby fix for the week so I don't have to have my own yet lol Oh yeah, and my sister is pregnant! She's due Sept 15 and it's a girl! So I'm going to have my first neice to spoil! The whole family is really excited. We're having the shower up here July 15. Jamie's friends are also throwing her a shower down in FL the week after.

I've also moved on from dating the firefighters and am in love :-) I broke up with Tony in April, and upon hearing this news, Katrina's brother-in-law Adam admitted to me that he's been in love with me for 4 years. Adam and I went out once a couple years ago, and I thought he was a really nice guy, but I was seeing someone else so didn't pursue it. Anyway, we're only been seeing each other a couple months now, but things are great. We talk about the future and we're actually house hunting. And by that I mean, I'm going to buy a house, and he might live there with me while we figure out where the relationship is going. But it's going to be my house, his name isn't going to be on it yet.

Let's see, other stuff- I have had a roommate since Sept-ish, and I can't stand him anymore. He seems to think I'm his maid, and I basically have to beat the rent money out of him. So I'm about to tell him to move out. What I would really enjoy is to buy the house and tell him, "I'm leaving in 30 days. Find a place to live." I've been selling stuff on eBay which is kinda exciting. Tigger is still going strong. He goes to work with me at least once a week now. He seems to have periods where he misses his brother (Well, I do too, so I understand) but he beats up any other animal he gets around, so I don't think he wants another adopted sibling. I bought a 15 game Tiger package so I've been going to a few games.

That's really about it right now. I have a wedding reception to go to tonight so I'm going to start getting ready.

I hope everyone else is doing well!

[User Picture]From: visualsounds
2009-06-24 05:45 pm (UTC)
OMG Jamie's havin babies!! Congratulations to her!

Can you believe it, I've actually been kinda baby crazy lately? Oi.

Sorry your roommate sucks, but yay for your new relationship!

Gosh, this post really makes me realize how long it's been since we actually talked! I stalk you soon, okay?
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