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Detroit Marathon [Oct. 18th, 2010|11:44 am]
Turtle Freak
I worked the Detroit free press Marathon yesterday.

I had a cpr save.

I've had saves in the past, but this one was special for me. in commerce, on my normal shift, we usually have at least 4-5 people on scene, if not more, so there's always a ton of hands to help. plus, I always have a paramedic partner, so I could intubate while my partner gets the iv or visa versa. yesterday, I worked with a basic emt, and other than bystanders who seemed to be medically trained, helping with cpr, I was doing everything by myself.

I just found out that she has been extubated, is talking, and other than being lethargic, is fairly alert. so, it appears that this 51yo female, with 4 teenage children, will completely recover.

I'm pretty proud of myself today.