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stuck at work... [Nov. 15th, 2010|04:24 pm]
Turtle Freak
I don't want to be at work right know. my parents are at my house. dad is improving my kitchen- it's all hand me down or budget type materials, but it'll be a huge step up from what I had. so, I'm stuck at work while they're working at my house and I'm feeling really guilty about it.

I need to get through today, and then I have 6 whole days off from community. which is good. I need a break. 80-90 hour weeks have pushed me to the point of almost quitting this job last week. I still have to work a hockey game on Wednesday, but that's easy money.

mom and dad are here through Sunday. aunt deb is coming in Thurs through the weekend. then Jamie, Kevin and Anna come in next Monday for a week. I'm excited. I've been in a funk and really need family time.